Vet-o-test VET516


Avian Influenza Virus

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Vet-o-test Avian Influenza virus is designed to detect the antigens of avian influenza virus in avian feces or cloaca swab. Two monoclonal antibodies in the kit specifically bind with different epitopes of the antigens. After being absorbed into the cellulose pad, the antigens of avian influenza virus move and bind with gold-colloid complex of monoclonal anti-avian influenza virus of the conjugate pad, forming Ab-Ag complex. This complex, then, forms Ab-Ag-Ab direct sandwich binding with the antibody of another monoclonal anti-avian influenza virus in the nitrocellulose membrane. The test results can appear on Control and Test lines where the principles of immunochromatography are applied.


  1. One-step rapid test of avian influenza virus antigens
  2. Rapid test results between 10 ~ 15 minutes
  3. Expensive equipment not required
  4. Easy storage and maintenance
  5. High-purity and high-quality materials of the test kit increases its sensitivity and specificity.

Materials (10 tests/kit)

  1. Test 10 units
  2. Diluent (buffer) 1ml x 10 units
  3. Disposable dropper 10 units
  4. Swabs for sample collection 10 units

Specimen well (S : for dropping), Test line (T), and Control line (C) are marked on the device. Inside it, the strip is composed of sample pad, conjugate pad, nitrocellulose membrane (test paper), and absorbent pad.

Detection of avian influenza virus antigens from avian feces or cloaca swab


  1. Specimen
    Avian feces or cloaca swab
  2. Storage of specimen
    a) Store specimen at 2~8°C for use within 24 hours or at -25°C for later use.
    b) Keep the specimen at 22~25°C before use.
  3. Test procedure
    Probenvorbereitung für den Vet-o-test Vogelgrippe
    a) Collect avian feces or cloaca with a swab and put the swab into a sample tube containing 1ml of buffer.
    b) Swirl the buffer with the swab.
    Probenvorbereitung für den Vet-o-test Vogelgrippe
    c) Drop 100 µl (4 drops) into the specimen well(S).
    Einwegpipette zur Dosierung der Probenlösung
    Durchführung des Vet-o-tests Vogelgrippe

    d) Read the test results within 10-15 minutes.

    Ablesen des Ergebnisses des Vet-o-tests Vogelgrippe nach 10 bis 15 Minuten

    Consider the test results as invalid after 15 minutes

    Ergebnis des Vet-o-tests Vogelgrippe nach 15 Minuten nicht mehr ablesen

  4. Interpretation of the results
    A purple band should appear on the control line regardless of the test result. The presence of another band on the test line determines the result.Control Line (C): The line should always appear regardless of the presence of the antigens of avian influenza virus. If this line does not appear, the test should be considered invalid. This is probably because of impure buffer and the lack of specimen. It should be tested again with new buffer.

    Test Line (T): The presence of antigens of avian influenza virus determines the test line.

    1) Negative: Control line only appears.

    Negatives Ergebnis des Vet-o-tests Vogelgrippe

    2) Positive: Both Test and Control lines appear.

    Positives Ergebnis des Vet-o-tests Vogelgrippe

    3) Retesting
    a) Both Test and Control lines do not appear.

    Ungültiges Ergebnis des Vet-o-tests Vogelgrippe

    b) Test line only appears.

    Ungültiges Ergebnis des Vet-o-tests Vogelgrippe

  5. Further examinations
    This test is for primary screening. Consult veterinarians for further necessary examinations to obtain clinical test results.


  1. Use for avian In-vitro diagnostic purposes only.
  2. Use within 10 minutes after opening the pouch because the test kit is very sensitive to moisture and its effect may diminish.
  3. Be careful of not touching the result window.
  4. Every specimen should be used with different droppers.
  5. For testing, buffer included only should be used.
  6. Do not use specimen being contaminated with microbes, which may cause false-positive or negative result.
  7. Deal with specimen carefully. They can deliver unknown virus or infectious bacteria.
  8. Use disposable gloves when you suspect the infection caused by specimen. And wash your hands later.
  9. Dispose solid wastes after sterilizing them at 121 ℃ for over 1 hour.
  10. Do not the kit use when its pouch is torn, sealing is not good shape and expiration date passes.

Storage method
The test kits store at 2~30℃ can be used for 24 months after manufacturing. Do not keep them in refrigerator. However, if they are stored under cold circumstances, keep them at room temperature for 15 ~ 30 minutes before use.

The test kits are manufactured under strict quality control system. Nevertheless, if they deteriorate during delivery, ask our distributors for exchange.

The entire risk due to the performance of this product is assumed by the purchaser. The manufacturer shall not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages of any kind resulting from use of this product.

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