MB100-2A Thermo-Shaker Incubator

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Thermo-shaker is designed for shaking 1~2 standard 96-well microplates in the heating mode.


  • Microprocessor controlled time, speed and temperature
  • Accurately control and display time, temprature and speed
  • Heating platform for standard microtest plates
  • Soft start, easy to setup and use
  • Audible signal to indicate end of shaking motion after program completion
  • LCD display


Temperature range RT.+5°C~70°C
Uniformity over the platform ≤±0.5°C
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Shaking speed 100 – 1200 rpm(increment:1 rpm)
Orbit 2 mm (rotation)
Independent timer 0 – 100 hrs (increment 1 min)
Power supply AC110/220V, 2A
Platform capacity 2 microtest plates
Warming up speed < 25min from 20°C to 70°C
Dimensions 280 x 270 x 140mm
Weight 6.5Kg



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