Sweat test analysator 

Sweat test analysator SM01

With this new sweat analyzer, no manipulation needed. Use friendly for all kind of users, like hospital laboratory as well, private clinics and doctor’s office.
Main cystic fibrosis patient’s feature is high NaCl sweat concentration. Determining amoung of this concentration during sweat test, gives essential information to right diagnostic of cystic fibrosis desease. For those positive patients, life spectations could be increased if a correct and early diagnostic is made and treatment is done.

Test is made by 2 steps in only 15 minutes
1. Step Sweat stimulation by pilocarpine iontophoresis
2. Step Direct conductivity reading in a detachable skin electrode, with a sample as low as 1ul. Results can see inmediately on screen

Measuring Range: 10-199mmol/l
Sample volueme: 1µl
Precision: ± 5%
Battery: 4 x 1,2 V NiMh
Iontophoresis intensity: 0,5-2 mA
Iontophoresis time: 5 minutes
Sweat Collection and analysis: 10 minutes
Size: 65 x 150 x 190 mm
Weight (without batteries): 540 g

Accessories included with the analyzer:
Measuring probe 10 units
Cotton paths 20 units
NaCl solution 100 ml
Pilocarpine solution 100 ml
Rubber strip 2 units
Quality control 15 ml x 2 levels
Plastic cover