img/produkte/upload/consul-ts/foto_medimax.jpg TECHNICAL FEATURES
Instrument into which the Medicons is inserted.
Operates at a constant speed of about 100 rpm, so that the tissue is disintegrated without trauma.
Supply: 110/240V. 60/50 Hz
Absorption: 6 W
Weight: Kg. 2.5
Dimension: cm. 22x25x20
Medicons & Medimax
Disposable mechanical disaggregator for animal and vegetable and vegetable tissue
Medimax cod. 79210
Medicons cod. 79500
Medicons cod. 79500 S
Up to 3 g with 30 ml of PBS or any other desired solution

Set the Medicons in the Medimax   Insert the Medicons into the Medimax

Start the Medimax


At the end of the process, stop Medimax, extract the Medicons and suck the resulting suspension.


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