PA 120 Full-automated Specific Protein Analysator

Protein analyzer PA-120




Specific protein
a variety of proteins play an important role in human body both pathologically and physiologically.
An increase or decrease of these proteins in the blood is correlated with some diseases, so by testing the specific protein could assist diagnosing diseases and evaluate the prognosis

 Common specific protein

Applications Item
Diabetes HbA1c
Inflammation CRP
Cardiovascular disease HS-CRP
Renal injury mALB
Rheumatism RF, Anti-CCP, CYS-C,ASO


  • Years of R&D experiences on specific protein analyzer


  • Nephelometry, proven method in international players
    High sensitive, specific method on protein analysis


  • Fully automated analyzer
  • Only 1 press to finish test
  • 70 samples per hour
  • Multiple parameters: HbA1c, HS-CRP, CRP, mALB, D-Dimer, Anti-CCP, RF, ASO, CYS-C, etc.
  • Magnetic card calibration
  • 3 level QC, L-J graph
  • Probe assembly
  • Wash station
  • Reagent disk
  • Reaction disk
  • Optical system
  • Important parts


  •  Liquid level detection
  • Auto depth adjustment
  • Anti-collision
  • Probe exterior and interior high pressure auto cleaning, avoid carry-over
  • Pre-heating design for reagent
  • Aspiration precision: 0.1ul, CV≤0.2%

Wash station

Wash station
  •  4-step wash, each cuvette washed 9 timesmake sure complete wash
  • While block to remove bubble
  • Cleaning solution to clean cuvette thoroughly and   avoid carry-over
  • Spring design to protect wash station
  • Water consumption: 5L/Hour

Reagent disk

Reagent disk
  • 10 reagent positions in total, No.1-4: Anti-serumNo.5-8: Buffer, No.9-10: Diluent
  • 24-hour non-stop cooling, 2-8°C
  • Temperature adjustable by software as required
  • Special-designed bottle to avoid reagent waste

Reaction disk

Reaction disk
  • 32 economic plastic cuvette
  • Reusable, dirty cuvette auto-detection
  • Solid heating, rapid, stable
  • Temperature: 37±0.1°C
  • Free maintenance

Optical system

Optical system
  • Unique sealed optical  system
  • Long life laser diode
  • Free maintenance

Important parts

Important parts
  • High quality imported hydraulic parts


  • Easy operation, only 1 press for analysis
  • 70 samples per hour
  • 10.1inch touch screen allows easy operation and a better vision experience
  • Humanized software allows an easyinteractive communication with analyzer
  • Only 5-15ul sample needed
  • 30-350ul reagent needed per test
  • Complete diagnostic solutionreagents, QC provided


  •  High correlation with Siemens BNII
  • High precision
  • Excellent evaluation in MOH
  • Wide measurement range
Sample type
 Measurement range
HbA1c whole blood 2-20%
HS-CRP whole blood/plasma/serum 0.5-300mg/L
D-Dimer plasma 0-20mg/L
mALB urine 10-200mg/L
CYS-C serum/plasma 0-8mg/L
ASO serum/plasma 20-800IU/mL
RF serum/plasma 3-160IU/mL
Anti-CCP serum 5-100U/mL


  •  Work temperature: 10~30°C
  • Interface: RS232 port, USB port
  • Power supply: 100~240AC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 620mm×520mm×620mm
  • Internal thermal printer
  • Support external printer, barcode and LIS
  • Relative humidity: ≤85%
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70.0kPa ~106.0kPa
  • Net weight: 60kg



  • Rate nephelometryis proved as the industry standard to measure specific protein, Even Siemens and Beckman’s high end product also have the same method for determination of specific protein
  • For example, Immage800(Beckman)
Specific protein tests

in different method
Nephelometry Immunoassay
(Colloidal gold,
Transmission turbidimetry
(Chemistry analyzer)

Reaction time 1-3min 3-15min 3-10min
Quantitative results Yes Yes,poor performance Yes
Costper test Low High Low
Operation Simple,in our instrument, only 1 press Simple Complicated, need parameter Complicated, need parameter calibration test. etc
Continuoussample loading Yes No, need to waitone by one Yes
Stability Good Poor, affected easily by environment, especially humidity and temperature Good
Sensitivity High Medium Medium, (principlesimilar to colorimetric, sensitive to solutions test)
Linearity Wide Medium Wide
Extra cost Computer, printer,  Liquidcalibrator, experienced technician etc. All are expensive items



  • Same hematology analyzer operation,
    only press the key, avoid on-hand
    pipette procedure


     Compared to Semi-auto specific protein

  • Need precise reagent and sample pipette procedure
  • Need experienced technician to perform the test

Even many proteins tests can be performed in fully-auto biochemistry analyzer


  • Easy operation, same as
    hematology analyzer operation1)Reagent position setting
    2)Swipe calibration card
    3)Simple press on the key


     Compared to fully-auto biohemistryanalyzer

  • Complicated operation1) Parameter program
    2) reagent setting
    3) multiple calibrators setting
    4) Calibrator pretreatment
    5) Calibration test
    6)QC pretreatment
    7) QC setting
    8) QC test
    9) Sample setting
    10) sample test

User interface

User interface
  • 10.1inch touch screen allows easy operation and a better vision experience
  • Unlike the tradition analyzer, no extra computer is needed
  • Internal thermal printer, no extra printer cost needed.   Also support external printer as customer demand


  • Magnetic card auto-calibration, no extra liquid calibrators are needed, reduce the test cost indirectly, ease end-users’ workload by run calibration tests

QC and Sample

QC and sample
  • Unlike other instrument QC, our QC is ready-to-use, no need pre-treatment
  • Some test can be performed directly by blood, like HS-CRP, HbA1c,  no extra pretreatment, more efficient
  • 1 month open-vial stability

Cuvette cost

Cuvette cost
  • Economic plastic cuvette(unlike other instrument, use expensive quartz cuvette)
  • reusable, no need to replace cuvette frequently, avoid high extra cost of cuvette and avoid frequent replacement procedure

Optical system

Optical system
  • Optical system is the critical part to the analyzer since the signal source and methodology analysis are based on it, our optical part imported from Japan, make sure signal source and processing is stable and precise
  • Free maintenance (For example, chemistry analyzer, lamp need to replace every 3-6 months, calibration for optical system is frequent

Hydraulic parts

Hydraulic parts
  • High quality imported hydraulic parts
  • Precise control the liquid flow, excellently control sample aspiration, cleaning

Favorable policy

  •  Favorable policy for distributor, with limited deposit and reagent purchase agreement, get free PA120


  • High correlation with Siemens BNII

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