Auto Blot processor

Der BlotProcessor von BGT BioGenTechnologies


  • with incubation function
  • real walk-away system with high throughput
  • high precision volume dispensing
  • automated processing of up to 40 strings per run
  • test protocol up to 15 items, 20 protocols for each item
  • password setting for power on and preprogram lock
  • suck-back reagent save feature minimizes dead volume and cost
  • auto-calibration of dispense volume
  • user-friendly software enables self-defined assay protocols
Membrane and reagent Zubehör fuer den BlotProcessor
40 strips per run  Streifen und Platten für den BlotProcessor
High precision dispenser  Der sehr genaue Dispenser des BlotProcessors
 Easy maintenance design  wartungsfreundliches Design des BlotProcessors

Technical Secifications :

Capacity Up to 40 strips per run
Dispensing Manifold 6 channels (additional 2 channels optional)
Dispensing Volume 0.5mL – 3mL, 0.1mL adjustable, Accuracy<±5%
Incubation Temperature 15°C / 30°C / 37°C
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 1.5°C
Temperature Control Fluctuation ≤ ± 0.2°C
Incubating Time > 48 hours, 1 minute adjustable
Incubating Sway Frequency 0 Hz / 0.1Hz / 0.25Hz / 0.5 Hz / 1Hz adjustable
Display LCD Display
Alarm and Notice  Waste bottle alarm, Voice alarm after testing
Input/Output RS-232, USB
Operation Environment Temperature: 15°C – 35°C, Humidity ≤80%
Power Requirement AC 110 – 220V ± 22V 50 / 60 Hz ± 1Hz
Dimension L x W x H (mm) 600 x 450 x 380
 Weight 22.5 KG


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