A Complete Kit for Measuring Apoptosis by Dual
Color Flow Cytometry & Microscopy

Description of Kit
The Phoenix Flow Systems, Inc. APO-BRDUTM Kit is a two color TUNEL (Terminal deoxynucleotide transferase dUTP Nick En Labeling) assay for labeling DNA breaks and total cellular DNA to detect apoptotic cells by flow cytometry and microscopy (1). The kit contains the instructions and reagents required for measuring apoptosis
in cells including; positive and negative control cells for assessing reagent performance; washing, reaction and rinsing buffers for processing individual steps in the assay; terminal deoxynucleotidyl tranferase enzyme (TdT), bromodeoxyuridine triphosphate (Br-dUTP), and fluorescein labeled antiBrdU antibody for labeling DNA breaks and propidium iodide/RNase A solution for counter staining the total DNA.

Contents of the APO-BRDUTM Kit

The APO-BRDUTM Kit is shipped in one container and consists of two packages. One package is shipped at ambient temperature and should be stored at 2-8C upon arrival. The other package is styrofoam containing
frozen ice packs and the reagent contents should be stored at -20C upon arrival. Phoenix Flow Systems, Inc. has determined the shipping method is adequate to maintain the integrity of the kit components.
Upon arrival store the reagents at the appropriate temperatures. Reagent bottles have color coded caps to aid in their identification. Sufficient reagents are provided to process 60 cell suspensions including 5 ml positive and 5 ml negative control cell suspensions of approximately 1 x 106 cells per ml in 70% (v/v) ethanol. The control cells are derived from a human lymphoma cell line and have been fixed as described on page 6.



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