Phoenix Flow Systems, Inc. has been providing researchers and clinicians with state-ofthe- art flow cytometry software products for nearly a decade and a half. The MultiCycle DNA Cell Cycle Analysis Program remains the company’s premier software product and is used by thousands of investigators worldwide. PFS also offers software products for a variety of other applications and continues to be the leader in providing affordable software solutions to flow cytometry laboratories.

MultiCycle AV is a sophisticated cell cycle analysis program, yet is simple to use and easy to learn. It is fully menu-driven and will analyze data with up to three overlapping cycling populations and an extra diploid or apoptotic peak. MultiCycle AV has automatic peak detection and provides sophisticated batch mode processing. img/produkte/upload/apo/multi_cycle_1.jpgThis program also performs versatile fitting of background debris, by including algorithms for accurate modeling of paraffin, fresh or frozen samples and software compensation for cell aggregation and B.A.D. (“Background, Aggregates & Debris,” DNA Consensus Conference). The user may reduce model complexity by constraining CV’s, G2/G1 ratios and the S-phase shape. The analysis algorithm is based on the Dean and Jett Polynomial S-phase algorithm, using non-linear least-squares fitting by the method of Marquardt. Graphics may be exported to a word processing program or to MultiReport, PFS’ Clinical Report Generator. Results may be exported to an Excel compatible file. MultiCycle AV also contains a built in decision tree to help the operator evaluate the reliability of the S-phase calculations. A single button-click rapidly and automatically fits 6 different cell cycle models (user selectable) and simultaneously evaluates how well each model fits the data. From this, the degree of confidence in the Sphase calculation is calculated and displayed. The program reads histogram and listmode files from all major flow cytometers.