Hem-o-test 5000CRP

5-Part + Full Range CRP Tests Combined within One Machine

Hem-o-test 5000CRP

Cutting-edge Technology in the Field
It tests the full range CRP and WBC differentiation by whole blood through semi-conductor laser and Latex-enhanced scattering immunoturbidimetry as well as sheath fluid technology, which makes the routine blood test combined together with CRP.

Latex-enhanced scattering immunoturbidimetry
Make tiny latex particle connected with CRP antibody and get the contents of antigen through testing the change of the scattering assay. The sensitivity is smaller than 1mg /L including HS-CRP and regular CRP. Easy operation, test faster.

Hem-o-test 5000CRP

Laser Scattering Method
Through sheath fluid and Laser scattering technology.
One 3D scattergram and three 2D scattergrams make the WBC differentiation more accurate.

Hem-o-test 5000CRP scattergrams

Flow Cytometry and Impedance Method

Impedance method for WBC, RBC and PLT counting, Cyanide-free reagent for testing hemoglobin concentration.

Hem-o-test 5000CRP HCT correction technology which helps to get high precision CRP result, ensurring same result for  plasma and CRP.
  • CRP test combined with  WBC test will help a lot for diagnosis of respiratory tract infection.
  • The testing for HCT, WBC and CRP together can be a valuable index for diagnosis of the level of morning dehydration or whether the patient is infected outside among memory diarrhea patients.
  • From clinical data, the clinical symptom of virus infection and bacterial infection of children are very much similar. It will offer good instruction for clinical treatment more objectively and scientificly and good guarantee for correct prescription and medication through the combined tests for CRP and blood routine test.
  • The rising of HS-CRP is early than WBC rising, which will help a lot for judging the infectious condition of patients.

  • Built-in cooling system is specially for CRP reagent storage. Reagent can still be cooled after machine is powered off.
  • The design of reagent room is smart, which is convenient for reagent positioning.
  • Easy and Auto maintenance by probe cleanser.
  • Only three lyses for CBC+DIFF.


  1. Full Range CRP
  2. CRP Reagent Cooling
  3. Wide Linearity
  4. One Button for Trouble Shooting
  5. Self Block-removing
  6. Alert Function

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