APO-BRDU uses a patented, modified two color TUNEL assay to simultaneously label DNA strand breaks and total cellular DNA to allow the detection of apoptotic cells. Detection is achieved by flow, image cytometry or also by fluorescence or light microscopy.

APO-BRDU combines several key features:


  • Best sensitivity (see data on opposite page)
  • Lower cost per assay
  • Contains all reagents and controls
  • Minimized learning curve
  • Multiple Fluorescence labeling configurations
  • Unequivocal results (TUNEL assay remains the gold standard for this application)

All versions of the Apo-BrdU kit contain the instructions and reagents required for identifying apoptotic cells plus positive and negative control cells for assessing reagent performance. The reagents comprise washing, reaction and rinsing buffers for processing individual steps in the assay, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase enzyme (TdT), bromodeoxyuridine triphosphate (BrdUTP), labeled anti-BrdU antibody and a counterstain for total cellular DNA.

img/produkte/upload/apo/brdu_2.jpgThe Apo-BrdU kit is available in different fluorochrome configurations at no additional charge. Customize the fluorochromes to your experimental needs. Choose between a green, red or biotinylated label for the apoptosis measurement. Request propidium iodide or 7-AAD for the DNA measuring parameter. In addition, a configuration for immunohistochemistry is also available. This kit uses horseradish peroxidase for the apoptosis measurement and methyl green as the counter stain. Instructions are included for processing, paraffin embedded
or frozen samples.

For a slight additional charge, the AlexaTM dyes from Molecular Probes are available for image cytometry and far red excitation measurements. Currently available are AlexaTM 488 and AlexaTM 647 versions of the Apo-BrdU kit.