img/produkte/durchfluss/accumax.jpgHere’s what researchers are saying about Accumax:

  • „Accumax has become an integral part of cell counting in my lab.“
  • „Accumax gives me reproducible, believable cell counts from my suspension cultures.“
  • „Accumax is an invaluable tool which allows us to run our bioreactors at maximum efficiency.“
  • „Accumax gave me 4 times the cell count with my hybridoma and allowed me to optimize the MAb production as never before possible.“
  • „Even the most difficult cell clumps become single cells with Accumax.“


Accumax has been developed to meet the most demanding needs for an effective cell and tissue dissociation solution. It combines protease, collagenolytic and DNase activities which maximizes its versatility for this purpose.  This novel enzyme complex has the following characteristics:

  • Gently and rapidly dissociates cell clumps;
  • Maintains maximum cell viability;
  • Does not contain mammalian or bacterial-derived products;
  • Yields accurate and reproducible cell counts;
  • Cost effective and ready to use.

Accumax has been extensively tested in research and biopharmaceutical laboratories and has been shown effective in dissociating aggregates for a wide variety of cell types. Accumax is formulated to rigid quality control standards and is supplied in Dulbecco’s PBS, in 100ml bottles.




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