Auto Urine Sediment Analyzer

automatischer Urinsediment-Analysator Urit-1200


  • Parameters: RBC, WBC, SQEP (squamous epithelial cells) , NSE (non-squamous epithelial cells), pathological casts, mucus, crystals, bacteria, yeast, sperm, and others
  • Principles of operation: Auto microscopic measurement with flat flow cell
  • Counting cell: double channels, thickness of inner chamber: 0.1 mm
  • Throughput: 40~60 samples / hour
  • Three types test mode: fast, standard, refined
  • Test mode: Auto mode, STAT mode
  • Bar code: internal auto bar code reader
  • Sample: native urine samples or urine sediment samples
  • Sample volume: Minimum volume:2.5 ml non-centrifugal urine
    Aspiration volume:1ml
  • Batch size: 50 samples, 10 samplesx5 racks
  • Memory Capacity: more than 50,000 results (include images)
  • Connection: receive URIT series urine analyzer test data,available for connect URIT-1500 Automatic Urine Analyzer
  • Interfaces: USB, RS232 serial port, parallel interface, LAN port
  • Power supply: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimension: 650mm(W) x 670mm(H) x 640 mm(D)


  • Double counting channels in flow cell
  • Whole viewfield microscopic images of sediment
  • Automatic identification and classification of urine particles
  • Walk-away automation, high efficient washing system
  • High-efficiency washing system, automatic flow cell and probe washing system



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